IM History with buddy jradio49

Friday, October 13, 2006
emerz35 (7:18:02 PM)signed in 
jradio49 (7:19:10 PM):hey emily!
emerz35 (7:19:30 PM):hey, what's up?
jradio49 (7:19:39 PM):nm u?
emerz35 (7:19:58 PM):nothing much.
jradio49 (7:20:12 PM):so when are u coming over?
emerz35 (7:21:04 PM):i don't know if i can tonight.
emerz35 (7:21:13 PM):i have a lot of homework to do.
jradio49 (7:21:25 PM):u can just do it here!
emerz35 (7:21:48 PM):it's like project kind of stuff.
emerz35 (7:21:57 PM):i really don't think i can come.
jradio49 (7:22:08 PM):oh come on emily, weve had this plan all week
emerz35 (7:22:27 PM):i know, i'm sorry.
jradio49 (7:22:33 PM):are u rly not going to come over?
jradio49 (7:22:39 PM):i had a whooole night planned for us
emerz35 (7:22:56 PM):i don't think i can.
jradio49 (7:23:12 PM):HOLY SHIT, are u serious?
jradio49 (7:23:16 PM):wtf emily
emerz35 (7:23:31 PM):look, i'm sorry okay.
emerz35 (7:23:38 PM):i told you that it might not work out.
jradio49 (7:23:49 PM):i didnt think u were fucking serious
emerz35 (7:24:01 PM):well, i was.
jradio49 (7:24:06 PM):i really can't believe u
emerz35 (7:24:31 PM):i think i'm going to go.
jradio49 (7:24:37 PM):sure, whatever
emerz35 (7:24:52 PM)is away 
emerz35 (7:24:52 PM):if seeing is believing,
then believe that we have lost our eyes.